Pastor Steve shares …
Worship is more than just music or singing. There are so many parts of our lives that can be transformed into a Worship experience. For one – SCRIPTURE. Many of you may be “bible in hand” scripture readers, but as many of you are readers electronically. Do you have the BIBLE app on your phone or device? Did you know that at your fingertips you have access to dozens of translations, commentaries and hundreds of reading plans? On your device go to the place where you get apps, and for free download the Bible App – it looks like this.

When I open mine, this is what I see (see screen shot below) which you can arrange to look how you want.
In the “Plans” section I have gone through such plans as: Pray By the Book – Psalms, Joshua Study, the End of Me, Pray through Scripture – Anxiety, the Ten Day Word Fast, Improving Your Attitude, Uncommon Husbands, Seeking God in Worship and many more.

Let me encourage you to get the app if you don’t have it. When you do, dive into the reading plans section – there is so much good in there for the soul to help you understand God a little more, to build trust in Jesus, and to gain empowerment of the Holy Spirit to take on life!