Women in Ministry Leadership


At Eastview Community Church, we have been on a long journey in our conversations around the topic of Women in Ministry Leadership, leading up to last spring where we came into alignment with the 2006 resolution affirming Women to pursue the call of the Holy Spirit into all positions of ministry leadership.

On May 21st, we’ll be joined by Andrew Dyck for an event hosted on Zoom called, “Women in Ministry Leadership – Conversation and Q&A.”

This event exists as an opportunity for our church body to process this topic, and be led in how our Canadian Conference of MB Churches interprets the scriptures and leads with a conviction that Jesus compels us to affirm Women in all positions of ministry leadership.

Andrew Dyck, our guest speaker, currently teaches at MB Seminary and serves on the National Faith and Life Team. This team serves the Canadian Conference of MB Churches, “by providing spiritual guidance and direction in matters of faith, theology, ethics, and Christian living, and upholding biblical and ethical integrity through our Confession of Faith as well as resources and events.”

We are looking forward to engaging in conversation around this topic with our church body, and invite you to join us as we seek to journey together in what Jesus has for us as a church.

Please join in attending on Zoom, May 21st at 8pm, here’s the link: https://zoom.us/j/95115149313