What is Missions?

Missions is the church’s active participation in God’s Mission to lead people to Christ and on to maturity in Him in word and deed throughout the world.

What Do We Want To Do?

We want to mobilize Eastview members to join in on God’s Mission of leading people to Christ and on to maturity in Him both here and around the world in word and deed.

Why Do We Want To Do This?

We believe that there are people throughout the world that need to be reconciled to God through Christ.
We believe that it is the Church’s responsibility to join God’s mission in reconciling people to himself through Jesus Christ.
We believe that the local church needs intentional mobilization to accomplish this task.

Who are we?

Acting Lead – Johnny Dodsworth

Liaison to Leadership Board – currently vacant

Willy Kagazo

Laura Kornelsen

Arlene Klassen

John Froese

Eastview’s Mission Projects

Keep checking back for exciting news about new projects and adventures!!

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