Vision Sunday

The Vision as God has given it to the founders of Eastview is ‘Leading people to Christ and on to Maturity in Him’. And this vision has come at a cost, those who have gone before us have paid that cost in many ways, but the cost continues, it does not end. We are called to continue to count the cost and follow Jesus. Part of this cost is financially, as we stand at the midpoint of our fiscal year we look back and see how God has provided, as we look forward we see the need is great, the servants at ECC are being asked to do much with less, let us not overlook how God may be calling upon each of our hearts to join in meeting this cost.
Join us on February 19 & 26 as we get to hear from the Leadership Board re the Vision and Direction for Eastview Community Church.
February 19 – Fruitful In Affliction John 12:20-26, Genesis 37-50
February 26 – Moving Forward – Revelation 7:9-17