The Sermon

Over 2000 years ago a man preached a sermon on a mountains side that rocked the world. It became the most famous sermon in history. It has inspired, challenged and changed the way people lived. It has been considered by many to be one of the most influential pieces of literature of all time. Yet, for those who follow Him, Jesus’ sermon on the mount is so much more.
These are the words of Jesus, the stories from the son of God, the message from the lips of the one who saved us and invited us into participation in His life. The sermon on the mount is Jesus’ masterclass in how to be human, but not the type of human we know. It is a new kind of humanity made possible by the death and resurrection of Christ which set us free from the corruption of evil. Jesus teaches his followers what it can be like for those who follow Him.
Sept. 8: Matthew 5:1-10 – A New Kind of Human (Part 1)
Sept. 15: Matthew 5:11-16 – A New Kind of Human (Part 2)
Sept. 22: Matthew 5:17-20 – I am the Law.
Sept. 29: Matthew 5:21-37 – You Have Heard it Said… (Part 1)
Oct. 6: Matthew 5:38-48 – You Have Heard it Said… (Part 2)
Oct. 13: Matthew 6:1-18 – How to…
Oct. 27: Matthew 6:19-34 – True Security.
Nov. 3: Matthew 7:1-12 – How to Judge (Part 1)
Nov. 10: Matthew 7:13-23 – How to Judge (Part 2)
Nov. 17: Matthew 7:24-29 – Decision Time.