Relationship Window

Relationship Window
Far to often we get to hear someone share that they know someone who says they are following Christ, but their choices of lifestyle is stained with bad habits and practices. Not only does it affect loving relationships…it literally destroys the witness of Christ when the light that is within us is shining through a broken window.
Jesus said that he is the true light we are only reflectors of the light. In order for others to see the light we are called to live out our faith in such a way that others will see the glory of God.
 Join us as we journey through an ancient passage that has become known as the greatest ‘Sermon on the Mount’.
January 1, 2017Light Seasoning  –  Matt 5:13-20; Gal 6.9-10; Col 1.9-10
January 8, 2017Disarm Anger – Math 5:21-26; Gen 4.4-5; Eph 4.31-32 
January 15, 2017Lust or Love – Matt 5.27-30; Rom 1.21-27; 1 Thes 4.1-8
 January 22, 2017Fireproof your Marriage – Matt 5.31-32; Heb 13.1-6; Col 2.13-15
January 29, 2017Truth Teller – Matt 5.33-37; 2 Co 1.18-20; 2 Peter 1.1-4
 February 5, 2017Retaliation Cancelled – Matt 5.38-41; Rom 12.17-21; Gen 34.1-31; 1 Sam 24
 February 12,  2017Boundless Love – Matt 5.43-48; Deut 6.1-25; 1 Sam 20.1-42