Authenticity vs Showmanship

Sermon on the Mount Part 2

One of the greatest tests in the life of undivided loyalty is realizing that nothing is really our own. God owns it all. So when we agree to live a life of undivided loyalty (authentic) to Jesus Christ, we find that the best way to unmask our master (showmanship) and its hold on us is to surrender it back to its real owner. Conquer it and use it. But use it for what?
April 23, Secret GivingWhen I give, God’s approval is what counts. Matthew 6:1-4
 April 30Secret PrayingMy prayers are for God’s ears only. 
Matthew 6:5-18
May 7Secret TreasureJesus wants us to say, “I will invest in things that last forever.” Matthew 6:19-24