Capital Upgrade Project

What it it? 

  • We have been blessed with an amazing facility for worship and our ministries since 1990.
  • Years of wear and tear are taking their toll.
  • Replacement of complete flat roof covering and all roof top HVAC components now required.



  • Annual repairs have been made for many years.
  • Patching is not possible anymore.
  • Professional consultation indicates that flat roofing and HVAC equipment are at end of service.


The Need

  • To remedy regular leaks at numerous locations and better temperature control.



  • Replace all flat roofing and roof top HVAC equipment



  • Start project:   Summer 2020      |       Estimated completion:  Fall 2020



  •  $460,000 – total cost of project
  • -$215,000 – less the estimated net proceeds from sale of One88 Princess
  •  $245,000 – left for fundraising and mortgage


Ways to donate

Please consider donating to this project to help reduce our debt load.   Please designate your donation to the CAPITAL UPGRADE PROJECT.   Click here to learn ways to donate.