Equip: Life Group Leader Training (Nov. 24th)

If you are a Life Group Leader, a Small Group Leader, or a Disciple-Maker in our church, you are invited to join us for a half-day equipping event designed to give you some tools to help you in our mission of “Leading People to Christ and on to Maturity in Him!”

Equip is happening on Sunday Nov. 24th from 10.30am – 2pm. Lunch is provided and Childcare is available for kids of all ages. Email johnny@eastview.org to register.




Facilitating to Disciple Making 

Francis Chan writes, “While we can’t force people to be devoted, it may be that we have made it too easy for them not to be.”  As Life Group Leaders at Eastview, we always walk the line between Leading People to Christ and Discipling them on to Maturity. This session will pitch the vision for how to do both parts of our Mission with excellence.




Life Group FAQ’s Panel

Join Rick as he leads our panel of Life Group coaches in responding to some of the most frequently asked questions by Life Group leaders. You`ll hear responses to questions like:  How do I get people to pray? How do I choose a study?  and more! You’ll also have a chance to ask some of your own questions in the Q and A portion of the session.


Life Group on Mission

Together with her husband Cullen, Chelsey leads the Missions Team at Eastview. Join Chelsey as she shares about the different local mission and outreach partners connected to Eastview, and find out some specific ways you can serve as a Life Group.



Holistic Discipleship

Johnny will share a resource called ‘The Discipleship Map’ which gives a step by step guide to making maturing disciples of Jesus. ‘The Discipleship Map’ provides a framework for initiating conversations into areas of life such as: Praying, Scripture reading, Serving, Spiritual Gifts, Shared Life, Stewardship, Discernment and more!



10.30am – Welcome

10.45am – Vision Session

11.30am – Breakout Sessions

12.15pm – Lunch

1.00pm – Breakout Sessions

1.45pm – Prayer