Vision Pathway

Upcoming Events: 

Vision Gathering 2 – Tuesday Nov. 17th at 7pm on Zoom:


This Fall at Eastview, we are going to enter into a season of seeking a clear Spirit-led vision for the future of our church body through 4 in person gatherings.

As a pastoral team and leadership board, we have noticed a growing separation between different teams, ministries, and activities happening in our church. God has been at work, and has been doing great things in all of these places, but it has felt like as a body, we have missed out on being unified in pursuing the unique ways God has called us to live out our mission as a church. We want that to change.

We know that God has invited us to participate in His mission. And He has a specific way that he wants Eastview to respond to this invitation. The Spirit led response to how we partner with what God wants to do in our world – that is our vision.

What is our Mission?

The Great Commission: Make Disciples, Baptize, Teach them to obey Jesus. How that looks at Eastview: Leading People to Christ and onto Maturity in Him.

What is our Vision? 

The unique way God has gifted our body to respond and participate in his mission for this time and season. It is the future picture of us living out our mission successfully.

Jesus leads us in the vision process. He is pointing us in the way we should go as the chief shepherd of our congregation. The church body (not just leadership) are the active participants in listening and discerning where the

Spirit of Jesus is leading. Scripture is our authority, guiding us and reminding us of the mission of God in our world.

In order to follow where Jesus is leading us, we first need to intentionally set aside time to stop and pay attention to where The Spirit of Jesus has been at work in the past at Eastview, and listen to where he wants to lead us in the     future.

We have put together a guide to help you pay attention to what the Spirit is saying in this season.

Scripture and Prayer Guide (Downloadable)

When is this happening?

Zoom Call:  Listening Team to hear stories … open to all – Tuesday Nov. 10th @ 6:30pm
Gathering #2 – Praying to Hear – Tuesday Nov. 17th @ 7pm
Gathering #3 – Vision Casting – Tuesday Dec. 8th
Discernment Retreat – Early January
Gathering #4 – Vision Discernment – Tuesday Jan. 19th

We have also put together monthly playlists that pair with the scripture readings to help center your focus on Jesus.

Spotify –…

Apple Music –…/ecc-vision-a…/pl.u-e98lld9taqZVM0z