Throughout scripture, we see that a fundamental part of God’s character, is to work in partnership with his people. The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it belongs to God, but God desires to share his creation with the world, and calls us to partner with him in caring for it.


God’s call to the world is PARTNERSHIP in caring for all things.

Our response to God’s call is STEWARDSHIP.


As you explore what it means to partner with God and be a good steward of all that he’s entrusted to you, here are some resources to help:


God’s call to Humanity – Stewardship of the Earth

    1. Katherine Hayhoe (Canadian/Christian/Climate Scientist)
    2. Redeeming the Dirt (Regenerative Farming Practices)
    3. MCC Climate Care Initiatives


God’s call to the Church – Stewardship of the Gospel 

    1. Christianity Today Article
    2. The Bible Project
    3. Join a Life Group


God’s call to the Individual – Stewardship of your ‘Talents’ 

    1. CCMBC Legacy Fund
    2. The Meeting House Sermon Series: Regifting