The Gospel of Mark


Since Jesus first arrived in human history, the world has been trying to come to terms with who He is. Some call Jesus a great teacher, some say he was a prophet, others claim he is just an idea to promote ethical living. Christians, however, make the claim that Jesus is the promised Messiah, the son of God and the living Lord of the World. Mark, working from the eye-witness accounts of the Apostle Peter, crafts his gospel together into a narrative that confronts the reader with the question: Who do you say Jesus is? Join us this winter as we walk through the gospel of Mark, and learn how to live as followers of Jesus: Messiah, Son of God, and Lord of the World.

Jan. 5 - The Gospel Appears in Person (1:1-13)
Jan. 12 - Beginnings of the Galilean Ministry (1:14-45)
Jan. 19 - Trouble with the Authorities (2:1-3:12)
Jan. 26 - Insiders and Outsiders (3:13-4:34)
Feb. 9 - “Who then is this?” (4:35-6:6a)
Feb. 16 - Witness to Jews (6:6b-7:23)
Feb. 23 - Witness to Gentiles (7:24-8:9)
Mar. 1 - Removing the Veil (8:10-9:29)
Mar. 8 - Mere Discipleship (9:30-50)
Mar. 15 - “On the Way” Through Judea (10:1-52)
Mar. 22 - The Barren Temple (11:1-26)
Mar. 29 - Jesus and the Sanhedrin (11:27-12:44)
Apr. 5 - Watchfulness in Tribulation and Triumph (13:1-37)
Apr. 10 - Good Friday (Mark 14:1-15:47)
Apr. 12 - Easter Sunday (Mark 16)