Prophecies of the Messiah

How did people know Jesus was coming? They read the Old Testament Bible. Jesus’ entrance into history was eagerly awaited for over a millennium through prophecy. Those prophecies were fulfilled and provided the opportunity for us to see God’s proven Word to be true. Each prophecy reveals how God clearly prepared his people for the coming of Jesus.
By comparing each Old Testament promise to its corresponding New Testament fulfillment, we can see that the New Testament is built upon the Old Testament. And that Jesus himself repeatedly said that he was the thread that wove together the entire Old Testament.
Join as we go back into history and reveal the ancient truth that Jesus indeed was the coming Messiah. He would set the world free of sin and provide a personal relationship with the eternal God – Immanuel(God with Us).
Nov 25, 2018 – RESTORATION/Is on the way!  (Gen 3:15, Gal 4:4–5)
Dec 2, 2018 – HOPE/In the waiting! (Gen 12:3; 17:19, Num 24:17, Jer 33:14–16, Mat 1:1–2)
Dec 9, 2018 – PEACE/A new way of life! (Is 40:3–5, Mat 3:1–3)
Dec 16, 2018 – LOVE/Without boundaries!  (Is 53:1–9, 1 Pet 2:21–22)
Dec 23, 2018 – JOY/In the small things! (Micah 5:2, Lk 2:1–7)
Dec 24, 2018 – IMMANUEL/God is with us!(Is 7:13–14, Is 9:6–7, Mat 1:18–23)