Phase 1: Reopening

Eastview Community Church Phase 1 Reopening

Phase 1 of our Eastview re-opening began on Sunday August 23, 2020. Phase 1 consists of a single in-person worship service on Sundays at 10:15am along with a Live Stream for those who cannot or do not wish to meet face to face.

Do I need to register to attend?

In order to limit attendance in accordance with Provincial guidelines, we will have two seating areas: one in the sanctuary and one in the auditorium. Both areas are arranged for physical distancing. The best way to attend the service is to preregister by “purchasing a free ticket” from   Click here or follow the link on the website and register to attend. When you preregister you confirm the answers to the COVID questions, you provide us with your contact information and how many people are in your group. You may also be able to attend without preregistering. This walk in process, however, takes longer since we need to confirm your answers to the COVID questions (see below) and obtain your contact information. Preregistered guests and walk-in guests will be seated on a first come, first served basis in the sanctuary. Once we fill capacity in the sanctuary, you will be seated in the auditorium where you can participate in a simulcast service. Once we reach our total limited capacity we will not be able to accommodate you at that service.

COVID Questions (updated October 26/20)

Before you attend at Eastview in-person, please answer the following questions for each person in your group. If you are able to answer NO to all of the following questions, please join us today. If a response is YES for any question, for anyone in your group, please do not proceed.

  1. Within the last 14 days, have you been in contact with someone who is confirmed to have COVID19?
  2. Do you experience any of the following symptoms?
    1. Difficulty breathing
    2. Fever / chills
    3. Cough
    4. Sore throat / hoarse voice
    5. Loss of taste or smell
    6. Vomiting or diarrhea for more than 24 hours
  3. Do you have a new onset of 2 or more of any of the following symptoms?
    1. Runny nose
    2. Muscle aches
    3. Fatigue
    4. Conjunctivitis (pink eye)
    5. Headache
    6. Skin rash of unknown cause
    7. Nausea or loss of appetite
  4. Within the last 14 days, have you or anyone living in your household travelled outside of Canada, or within Canada excluding travel to western Canada, the territories or Ontario west of Terrance Bay?

Do I need to register every Sunday?

Yes, you need to register for every service you plan on attending. Registering once does not mean you are registered for future services.

What do I do if I register to attend and then cannot attend?

After you register through Eventbrite, you can view your tickets. If you pick on the ticket you will see a button where you can cancel the order, thereby allowing others to register for those tickets.

Do I need to wear a mask?

As a result of the recent COVID-19 Prevention Order issued by the Province of Manitoba, masks must now be worn by all individuals age 5 and up while moving about in all indoor public spaces. If you come without a mask, we will offer you a disposable one. You must keep your mask on unless you are seated. We recommend that all attendees continue to wear their mask while participating in singing.

What door should I use?

Please use the West Main Entry doors to enter the building. Those with Eventbrite tickets will be directed one way; those who have not preregistered to attend will be directed another way. A friendly greeter will meet you there and you will be asked to answer the COVID questions related to your travel and health. If you can answer NO to all the questions, you will be able to stay and enjoy the service. Non-registered guests will be asked to sign in for contact tracing purposes. Once you have signed in and sanitized your hands, you will be directed to your seats in either the sanctuary or the auditorium.

Can I sit anywhere?

We have two possible seating areas: the sanctuary and the auditorium with physically distanced seating arrangements in each. If you prefer, we have tables and chairs reserved in the auditorium for families with children. Regardless of where you sit, spouses, families, and cohorts must stay together. You can request a certain area, but an usher will bring you to your seat, ensuring physical distancing is maintained.

Once seated we ask that you remain so in order to reduce touch-points and to keep physically distanced. Bathrooms are available but their use is limited to two people at a time.

Will an offering be collected?

Offering baskets will not be passed around, but will be at the Welcome Centre or with an usher should you wish to leave an offering. The Welcome Centre can also accept credit or debit card transactions if that is your preference.

Is the Library open?

For those of you who wish to return or take out a book, the Library will be open and available for you before or after the service. Since the librarians may not be present, please sign out your books on the ledger provided.

Can I visit in the foyer?

After the service you will be ushered out of the sanctuary by rows. Please be patient as we aim to do our best to keep everyone physically distant. Please do not congregate in the foyer after the service. If you wish to engage in conversation after the service, we encourage you to do so outside the building.

What if I’m not comfortable with gathering yet?

We look forward to gathering together in person for those who are willing and able. For those who are not, we will continue to Live Stream our services which you can watch from the comfort and safety of your home.

What about Children’s Programming?

Children’s Programming for children in grades 1 through 6 are currently running during the Worship Service. Kids Town is for children in grades 1-4; Club 56 is for children in grades 5-6. Parents must preregister their children through this Eventbrite link. All teachers and children will be physically distanced and all must wear a mask.

When will Phase 2 happen and what will it look like?

Phase 2 will consist of two services and will happen when attendance warrants it AND we have a full slate of volunteers. We anticipate that our attendance will grow quickly but we still need many volunteers.