Adults 55+


Recognizing challenges, reaching out, and having fun.

Seniors supporting seniors and seniors supporting others; Eastview’s Seniors Ministry is all about recognizing the challenges that are unique to seniors, and creating opportunities for them to reach out and have fun.

And with all His abundant wealth through Christ Jesus, my God will supply all your needs.
Philippians 4:19

Getting involved

The Seniors Ministry is excited about getting more of Eastview’s seniors together on a regular basis.

Reach out, and join in!

Building a network

Bottom line: the Seniors Ministry is fun for seniors.

Meeting on a monthly basis to enjoy the presentations of speakers, missionaries, musicians, and even personal stories from Seniors group members who volunteer to share their experiences is helping Eastview’s seniors develop a caring network that is devoted to exploring the possibilities in this stage of life. All meetings include a refreshment time that enables seniors to relax and socialize.

Sometimes meetings of the Seniors focus on outreach, and other times it’s all about the social activity:

The Seniors take advantage of good weather and the outdoors with barbeques and picnics

Sharing their life experiences with and leaving a legacy for Eastview’s youth, the Seniors connect with the Youth Ministry in varied ways.

Every second Spring, the Seniors plan a road trip

Several times a year, the Seniors visit Eastview’s less mobile members.