Tuesday Night Prayer happens at 7PM each Tuesday in our church at 315 Maxwell King Drive.

All are welcome to join as we turn our attention to God, and spend the evening praying for one another and for the church body.

If you have any prayer requests or praise items you wish to share, please send them to and let us know if it is OK to post them below on our prayer page.


Praise Items and Prayer Requests


September 22, 2020

From Sharon Lepp:  “Thank you to all my friends at Eastview for your prayers during my surgery and time of healing. The Lord has been good to me again with this second healing of cancer.”


July 29, 2020

Stefanie Frischbutter – Please be in prayer for Stefanie and her family (husband-David, daughter-Elissa, son-James), as Stefanie battles cancer.


July 27, 2020

Below are the prayer requests for August from Square One World Media.

  • August 2:   Pray for Marina Pinto, host of Square One World Media’s Spanish radio program, “Encuentro Familiar”.
  • August 9:  Praise God for the many streaming services that offer “Micah’s Super Vlog”, Square One World Media’s cartoon for children. Pray that many families would watch and learn about Jesus.
  • August 16:  Praise God that audio versions of Square One World Media’s Low German books, written by Irene Marsch, are accessed through What’s App and used as Bible Study resources in remote communities.
  • August 23:  Pray for Executive Director Shoaib Ebadi as he leads Square One World Media’s ministry team in creatively and effectively sharing the Gospel through this uncertain time.
  • August 30:  Pray for Sherryl Koop of Square One World Media as she records new episodes of her English podcast, “A Skoop of Life”.


July 21, 2020

Sharon Lepp – Please be in prayer for Sharon.  She will be having cancer surgery on Thursday, August 6 at St. Boniface Hospital.


July 16, 2020

Peter Pauls – Please be in prayer for Pete as he deals with bladder cancer and all that goes with it.

Ruben Fehr – Please be in prayer for Ruben.  He fell and broke his hip on Sun, July 12.   He had hip replacement surgery at Concordia on July 15.


July 1, 2020

Leona Clarke – Update:   Leona is home now, more or less back to her regular self.  She will have follow-ups for neurology and medications to prevent seizures.   Test results so far all came back good.


June 29, 2020

Congratulations to David and Stephanie Enns who welcomed baby daughter, Sophia Jane Enns on Sunday, June 21.  Sophie is a new sister for Henry and Eloise.

Bettie Klassen – update:  Bettie was discharged from the hospital last week.  Please continue to prayer for her health to be restored and that all her needs can be managed at home


Leona Clarke:  Please pray for Leona (mother to Brenda Bage).  She suffered a seizure today which may have been a stroke.  She was taken to Grace Hospital.  Her stats remained fair while the EMT were with her.  She was able to walk across the room with their support.


June 24, 2020

3:15 Prayer … Set your alarm to ring at 3:15 each day to remind you to pray for Eastview and God’s leading as we pray for His direction and vision.


Volunteers Needed:    Do you feel called to engage more with your church?   Eastview is in need of more volunteers on the Leadership Board, Property & Finance Committee and Missions Team.   For more information, please email


Ellen Black – update:   Ellen got home from hospital on Tuesday evening.  She says she is doing well – but adjusting to the new medications.  She is thankful for all your prayers.


June 22, 2020

Ed Gaskell – Our deepest sympathies go to Pam Gaskell on the passing of her husband on June 5.   Ed was 93 years old and had been in Holy Family during CoVid, suffering with Alzheimers, needing full care.   Please keep Pam and her son, Jim, in your prayers.

June 19, 2020

Bettie Klassen:  Bettie suffered heart attack on June 5 and has been in hospital since then.  She has since been upgraded from serious condition to fair condition.  Please lift Bettie in your prayers for healing and comfort.

Praise:   The Faith Budget presented at the Spring Congregational Meeting on Tuesday, June 16 was passed by a majority of voting members.  Praise God for his provision during this CoVid season and his provision for the future.

June 18, 2020

Ellen Black:   Ellen had open-heart surgery on Tuesday, June 16.    Her husband, Allen, reports that the surgery went well.    She is doing well and only has a little pain.   Thank you for all your prayers – they have been answered.

June 15, 2020

Darryl Pauls – Our deepest sympathies go to Beatrice Pauls (wife) and Irwin, Irene and Robert Pauls (family), on the passing of Darryl on June 1, 2020.   A graveside service was held on Saturday, June 13.  If you would like to view the recording of this service, please click here.

Todd Lohvinenko – Our deepest sympathies also go to Ruth (wife), Daniel and Miranda (children), on the passing of Todd on May 24.  If you would like to view the recording of this service, please click here.