We at Eastview, like many in our world, mourn with all who have faced unjust injury and death at the hands of those charged with executing justice in our world. We especially mourn for those who face injustice because of the colour of their skin.

Every human being is an image bearer of God. Every human being has value and worth. Every human being deserves to be treated equal.

Jesus showed us the way to model restorative justice in our world, by seeking out the vulnerable and marginalized, and making their problems, our problems.

Here are a few ways you can engage in learning about racial injustice in our world and the justice of Jesus, and below are some ways you can step into action to contribute to the justice Jesus is bringing in our world:




Action Steps:

  • Pray. Meet with Jesus and asking him to reveal bias, privilege and areas of ugliness in your own heart. Be led by the Holy Spirit in ways of doing justice as a part of daily life.
  • Interact and Share Life with people of colour – ask about their experiences with racial injustice. 
  • Acknowledge your bias and areas you may be more privileged in society because of the demographic you find yourself in. 
  • Talk with people who are working at racial reconciliation in the MB Church: 
  • Partner/Give/Volunteer at organizations that work to break down racial injustice and divides.