Grace Group

A support group for women who are walking alongside someone with mental health difficulties or walking their own health journey.

  • Explore common topics that are helpful for most mental health issues
  • Provide understanding, encouragement and compassionate support
  • Discover insight and tools for each of our or our loved one’s paths

Discover God’s grace and steadfast love for better days to come

When: Every other Wednesday @ 7:30pm, starting October 14, 2020

Please note:  group size is limited to 10 for this session.

Contact Person: Helen Guenther – email: or call 204.771.1702

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What Participants are Saying About the Grace Group

The Grace Group has…

  • Provided me with a safe place to feel cared for and supported, surrounded by a group of Christian women
  • Shown me that I am not the only one struggling
  • Given me confidence to share and step outside of my own comfort level
  • Challenged me to work through my fears
  • Connected me with many resources
  • Taught me skills and provided me with factual information
  • Brought me new friendships
  • Brought me into a closer relationship with God
  • Helped me find peace and hope at a time I was really struggling
  • Brought grace into my soul



Hi, my name is Helen Guenther.  I have been on my own mental health journey for nearly 30 years having been diagnosed with depression and anxiety in my twenties.

Although there were times of struggle during life’s most stressful trials or when my medication wasn’t right, for the most part I can say I never felt it was much of a burden, rather something I just dealt with like any other medical condition.  With treatment and God by my side, I have been able to live a fulfilling and joyful life.

This has included working as a resource/special education teacher with children with special needs including mental health issues and prepared me to support my daughter who also walked a mental health journey, battling an eating disorder in her early teens.

That time compelled me to write a book called, “Pressing On: The Blessed Journey Alongside a Daughter with an Eating Disorder” and offer to lead a mental health support group at Eastview Community Church where I have attended for almost 20 years.

If you are walking a mental health journey yourself or supporting a family member who is, please consider coming to the Grace Group.

… #youarenotalone