Baptism and Membership

In preparation for the Baptism and Membership class, please prepare a short testimony (max 3 min). We ask that you aim for three minutes (roughly 3/4 of a page), in order to tell your best story possible in a clear and concise way  that is easy for all to understand. During the class, you will have an opportunity to share your testimony and sign up for a time slot to film your testimony.

Generally, a good tool to use when writing a testimony is to split it up into three parts:


Who were you before God got ahold of your life? What situations, attitudes, or responses were common to you in this time? 



How did God work to bring you to Himself? What happened that led you to accept and surrender your life to Christ? 


What has Christ been doing in your life since you began following Him? What evidence of life change have you seen through the Holy Spirit working in your life? 


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Sunday, November 1 @ 12pm on Zoom

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What is Baptism? 

When it comes to baptism, many talk about being ready for this event as a step in their faith journey. So what does it mean to ‘be ready?’ Often, this is defined as being a certain level of spiritual maturity in our walk with Jesus which qualifies us for baptism. If this is the case, it is a misleading and unbiblical way to think about baptism.

If you have repented of your sin and desire to follow and obey Jesus, we firmly believe Jesus is calling you to be baptized.

Baptism is a visible declaration and public acknowledgement that I bring nothing to the table for my own salvation and transformation, and that I depend solely on Christ for the death of the old life and the new birth that gives me eternal life.

Click Here for some helpful verses on baptism to consider before attending the Baptism and Membership class.


What is Membership?

The term ‘membership’ is loaded with meaning both in scripture and in culture. For many, membership means something similar to ‘being a part of the club.’ For others, membership is thought of in a cost/benefit mindset. Either way misses the beauty of what scripture is getting at when it uses the word ‘member’ to describe a Christ follower.

To be a member of the body of Christ is to be a significant part of the body with a specific role to play. As new members become a part of the body of Christ here at Eastview, they change our DNA as a church. The uniqueness of who God has made each person to be, and the gifts He has given to each person are all needed pieces at Eastview and in the larger (global) body of Christ.” 

Click Here for some helpful verses on baptism to consider before attending the Baptism and Membership class.